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How I Corner

One of the first things folks starting out bookbinding want to know is how to make corners look nice and neat.  You can sort of just fold and poke and make it work, but it often comes out bulky and inelegant.  So here’s how I… Read more

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Three Years

That there is what my studio looked like shortly after I moved into it.  Everything on the floor, clustered around a column.  In the right corner is a desk that came with the space.  That’s where I used to work.  It was a rough first… Read more

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I’m mostly just making this post to put up a bunch of neat sites I check regularly, but here, have a picture of the plough I picked up a few weeks back. What’s a post without a picture? Anyway, first off, here’s a great post… Read more

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Getting set up!

The last few months have flown by.  I’ve made a fine binding and done some minor repair work, but the bulk of my time has been ordering things and cleaning the space up.  Progress has been made. For starters, I got some benches! And then… Read more

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Moving In.

The space right now is basic.  It needs a sink.  A counter.  More electrical outlets.  Walls are unfinished.  Things need to be repainted.  I need benches and lights.  It’s a long road, but things are starting to get there. But for now, I have this. … Read more

Welcome to Low Mountain Bindery

Low Mountain Bindery is the shop of Colin Hill Urbina, located in the Fort Point neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts.  In his shop he makes and repairs books, crafts boxes to hold special books, and spends his spare time doodling. Clients interested in hiring Colin for a project should contact him via the Commission Contact Form.