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I’m mostly just making this post to put up a bunch of neat sites I check regularly, but here, have a picture of the plough I picked up a few weeks back. What’s a post without a picture?

Anyway, first off, here’s a great post from the British Library: Goldfinisher: He’s the man, the man with the Midas touch. All about the part of the conservation lab where gold tooling is done. I visited back in 2011, and it was staggering how many tools they have there to choose from. I suppose that happens when you’ve been open for centuries.

Next is a blog from Abby Schoolman called American Bound all about contemporary American bookbinding. It’s not very old, so it would be very easy to go back and read all the posts she’s made, with a plethora of really excellent pictures.

Finally is the really excellent Flash of the Hand from my studio mate Erin Fletcher. She updates really frequently, is a super talented artist and bookbinder, and also interviews other bookbinders, who can sometimes be reclusive.

So there, three things that have to do with books.

Oh! If you’re in Boston this weekend the annual Antiquarian Book Fair is in town. That’s Friday evening from five to nine, Saturday from noon to seven, and Sunday from noon to five. Also going on this weekend in Boston is the Boston Book, Print, and Ephemera Fair, fondly called the shadow show. That’s eight am to four pm Saturday. You can do it all, especially since they’re not very far from each other.

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