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Three Years


That there is what my studio looked like shortly after I moved into it.  Everything on the floor, clustered around a column.  In the right corner is a desk that came with the space.  That’s where I used to work.  It was a rough first winter with construction going on all around me.  I still have things that weren’t covered properly when the whole place got a new coat of paint.


This is the space now.  Well, not right now.  The photo is actually from when we participated in Fort Point Open Studios last fall, but the place looks mostly the same.  Stuff is off the floor.  There are benches.  I got storage, then redid that storage.  Soon I’m going to be getting in more lighting.  But construction still looms.  The building is having windows redone so that they don’t literally fall out of the frames.  That means dust and noise.  It’s not just me any more, in fact I’ve had tenants come and go.  I’ve made six fine bindings in the space and dozens of other projects, mostly boxes.  It’s been three years somehow, and it’s all still going pretty well.

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