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Titus Andronicus

For the Designer Bookbinders International Competition 2013, I chose to bind a copy of Titus Andronicus.  The theme for the competition was Shakespeare, and I will confess I’ve read only the amount of Shakespeare that a public school education required me to do.  I wanted to bind something that I guessed nobody would do too much with because, well, I have a childish motivation to not do what everyone else does.

So a lot of surface gilding, blind tooling, and carbon tooling.  Using that much gold is strange, especially in temperature differential.  I would touch the gold and it would be noticeably colder than the surrounding leather.  Even though it’s a super thin layer of metal, it’s still metal.

I made some curvilinear shapes to evoke some blood spatter (Titus Andronicus is just a touch violent), and cleaned out the impressions made on the surface gilding.  It came out well, I think.

Interesting thing I noticed while I was photographing in my studio was the reflection in the stainless steel table I was using as a platform.

Fantastic stuff, gold.

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